Addiction to dreams

Autor: Lela Stanković

The potion of dismay, too sweet,
I'll die soon not knowing that once, I lived,
there's no point in seeing the landscape,
when reality I cannot touch.

Addiction to dreams,
manifesting numb screams...

Merely passing through shadows,
barely breathing the only air of confusion.
All the clichés rain on me,
yesterday I'll drown,
for tomorrow I'm not certain.

I wish I was someone better,
I wish my mind had mercy on me,
but I suppose the rainbow denounced the kaleidoscope.
Fighting the blood in my eyes,
I water the hopes I hope they'll understand,
but all the notes are reversed,
darkness has devoured the stone of my existence.

There is nothing left for me but to apologize,
for being a loud thinker,
for being an outcast of my own thoughts,
for believing in high mounts of peace
while I'm too deep under the ground.

Addiction to dreams,
manifestation of numb screams.

I am too passionate to be in vain,
I am too emotional to be free,
I am too overwhelmed to comprehend a day.

Steering the clouds purple,
I shed a tear, bitter and plain,
as a contradiction at a masquerade ball.

Addiction to dreams,
Numb screeams...